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Putting your team at risk is as easy as opening a present. Conflicts of interest are some of the most slippery risks to your organization. How do you track what could be potentially thousands of risks that could be as innocuous as a holiday gift card, a compensated meal, or an unfair hire?

All businesses and employees have conflicts of interest that should be disclosed, or often must be disclosed to maintain regulatory compliance. This master class will consider how to manage “COI” at scale, when you might have thousands of conflicts to track, investigate, resolve, and document.

Questions explored:

  • How do you encourage COI disclosures?
  • How do you track and manage the volume of COI disclosures effectively?
  • What role can data analytics play, to leverage COIs for better insight into policies and compliance risks?
  • What role can case management and training play?
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Panel headshots-02

Brian Frasier

RPM International Inc. | Director of Compliance Audit
Panel headshots-03

Matt Kelly

Radical Compliance | Editor & CEO
Panel headshots-01

Nick Gallo

ComplianceLine | Chief Servant & Co-CEO

Melanie Sponholz

Waud Capital Partners | Chief Compliance Officer