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Thursday, February 23, 12:00 PM EST

Achieving Data Agility: Utilizing Data Analytics To Optimize E&C and HR


The best insights on how you can improve your organization can only come from your organization. That’s why it is essential for every modern E&C or HR program to equip themselves with powerful data analytics tools. By doing so ethical leaders will be able to pinpoint the specific risks and challenges that their businesses are facing. Join our experts as they discuss how to best access this powerful resource, and how to utilize the insights that come from effective data analytics.  

  • How do you find and gather the right data?
  • What is the analytics ‘team’ you assemble, and what do they do?
  • How do you include data and discussion of effectiveness in reports?
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your presenters



Executive Global Compliance Lead | GE Healthcare

Mara Senn spent 18 years in Big Law including 10 years as a white collar partner at Arnold & Porter.  She left the firm to become a money laundering and corruption prosecutor at the US Department of Justice.  She then worked as an enforcer in the World Bank’s debarment process.  She started her in-house career as Director & Senior Counsel, Global Compliance Investigation at Zimmer Biomet and recently moved to GE HealthCare where she reports to the Chief Compliance Officer and supervises a team of 25 doing investigations, monitoring and transparency. Prior to the World Bank, she was a federal international corruption prosecutor at the Department of Justice who found, froze and forfeited the hidden assets of corrupt dictators and leaders around the world, and prosecuted involved individuals. Mara received her law degree from New York University and got a Bachelor's Degree in economics and political science from Swarthmore College.

Mara Senn

Paresh Chiney

Partner | Stoneturn

Paresh Chiney brings more than 17 years of experience in the application of technology and data analytics to deliver business value. An expert in analytical problem-solving, Paresh has assisted finance and marketing teams in the establishment of analytics centers of excellence, dynamic executive dashboards and data analytics training programs. He provides strategic guidance and project execution oversight to clients who require ad-hoc data analytics support, as well as complex data science solutions. He has worked closely with Chief Compliance Officers to create more data-driven and automated compliance programs. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, Paresh has spearheaded large digital transformation initiatives ushering in better transparency and operational efficiency.


Matt Kelly

Radical Compliance | CEO & Editor

Matt Kelly is editor and CEO of, a blog, and newsletter that follows corporate governance, risk, and compliance issues at large organizations; it includes the Compliance Jobs Report, a weekly update on compliance professionals moving around the industry. He also speaks on compliance, governance, and risk topics frequently.

Matt Kelly

Nick Gallo

Ethico | Chief Servant & Co-CEO

Chief Servant and Co-CEO of Ethico, which provides compliance solutions to some of the largest organizations in the world, Nick is a student of behavioral economics and organizational psychology and has worked with and analyzed hundreds of organizations over his career in advisory services, private equity, and compliance. He has seen first-hand the transformative impact compliance and culture can have on generating sustainably superior results. Nick has a B.S in Finance, Accounting, and Economics from Indiana University, is a member of Mensa International, Certified Public Accountant, and CFA Level 3 candidate, and has dedicated his life to serving -- his community, clients, team -- in order to make the world a better workplace.

Nick Gallo