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Calculating, Understanding, Demonstrating, & Leveraging ROI

Numbers make you nervous? Still have nightmares from Econ 101? Join us in the ETHICSVERSE and discover how to calculate, understand, demonstrate, and leverage the ROI of your program and gain more power and budget from the board and executives.

Join our industry experts for insights on:

  • Extending your value throughout your organization
  • Leveraging ESG investments to influence your numbers
  • Developing financial models and investment strategies to drive value up
  • Utilizing your ROI to pitch your budget requests
  • Explaining the unseen benefits of your program
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your presenters


Giovanni Gallo

ComplianceLine | Chief Technology Officer & Co-CEO 

Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer of ComplianceLine, Giovanni Gallo has a background in investment banking at Goldman followed by successful Private Equity investing where he was on Investment Committee and served on the board of several portfolio companies. Gio has a MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BS in Finance and Accounting from Indiana University. Gio helps develop ComplianceLine’s workforce and solutions which enable compliance professionals to be more effective in their jobs, so they can successfully protect their teams and meaningfully serve their missions.


Nick Gallo

ComplianceLine | Chief Servant & Co-CEO 

Prior to becoming Chief Servant and Co-CEO of ComplianceLine, Nick provided financial due diligence services to PE firms at KPMG followed by 10 years of Private Equity and alternative asset investing. He is a CPA, CFA L3, with a BS in Accounting, Finance and Economics from Indiana University. Nick is a student of behavioral economics and organizational psychology and has worked with and analyzed hundreds of organizations over his career in advisory services, private equity, and compliance. He has seen first-hand the transformative impact compliance and culture can have on generating sustainably superior results.