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The ultimate source of E&C webinars, masterclasses, coffee talks, and more. Every Thursday, 12:00 PM EST.

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Industry Experts, Actionable Insights

Hear from the best in the industry, every Thursday at 12:00 PM EST. Our Ethicsverse experts will delve into every major and minor topic from across the E&C and HR industries.

On-Demand Ethicsverse Episodes


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Increasing Accountability: Culture, Clawbacks, and Compliance

Implications of the DOJ's announcement are still rippling through our industry, so let's clear the air.

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Reporting Compliance to Senior Management

Learn how to inform management on the key issues at hand, the successes you've seen, and the road ahead

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Performing Risk Assessments

Create a process that identifies all the risks, vulnerabilities, and existing issues within your organization, so you can be proactive, not reactive.

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Extreme Makeover: E&C Edition - ROI Pitch Fixer-Upper

It's not your program that's boring, it's your presentation. We know that E&C has massive ROI potential, now it's time to make sure they know that.

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