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Frame 362

FCPA Crash Course: Understanding The DOJ's Playbook 📖🛡️

Buckle up as we dissect the most jaw-dropping FCPA cases of the past two years! We'll unpack the drama behind ABB, Albemarle, SAP, and Gunvor S.A., revealing how these corporate giants navigated the treacherous waters of DOJ and SEC investigations.
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Frame 327

Risk Assessment Essentials: Practical Wisdom to Mitigate Critical Risks 🎲📈

Every compliance officer needs a well-stocked toolkit, and mastering risk assessments is a crucial tool.

We'll decode the complexities of risk assessments and provide you with a clear, step-by-step guide to conducting robust assessments that drive results. Don't settle for less – start building your compliance masterpiece today! 🌟
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Frame 330

Make Metrics Matter: 7 Secrets To Stop Getting Ignored 🤫📈

Tired of feeling like your metrics are falling on deaf ears? Discover the power of combining effectiveness metrics, trend metrics, and AI to create a data monitoring strategy that demands attention.

You'll learn how to craft compelling stories around your metrics, making them meaningful and actionable for your executive leadership and board of directors. 

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Frame 341

Data Storytelling: Harmonizing Metrics, Ethics, and Engagement 🎶📊

Numbers alone can't tell the whole story. Discover the hidden rhythms in your data and unleash the power of compelling stories.

Join us for a groundbreaking webinar that explores the surprising parallels between music and data analysis. Learn how to transform cold numbers into captivating narratives that drive success and leave a lasting impact.
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Frame 345

Navigating the Boardroom: Insider Secrets for E&C and HR 🗺️🧭

Great news, the board wants to hear from you about the company’s compliance program! Now you just need to pull together the right messages, supported by the right data, to have the most productive conversation possible in limited time. No sweat, right?

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Frame 258-1

Trending Now: Hottest Topics In E&C and HR 📰🔥

There’s a thousand headlines to keep up with in our industry. Here’s what ACTUALLY matters.

Dive into the pulse of the ever-changing world of corporate compliance, ethics, and HR with our invigorating, real-time quarterly review! Engage with us in a lively discussion on the latest proposals, enforcement actions, and headlines, uncovering how they resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities you face daily. 
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Frame 289-1

Making Better Tech Investments: MEDDPIC for E&C and HR 🔋📡

Trapped in the past by a restrictive budget? Embrace cutting edge technology with the power of MEDDPIC.

Learn how to identify and prioritize your program's pain points, secure buy-in from key stakeholders, and make smart technology decisions that will elevate your efforts. Make fully informed decisions and get the most ROI on your budget.

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Frame 300

Assertive Without Aggression: Negotiation Techniques for E&C and HR 🎯💼

You're always negotiating... even if you don't know it. Discover how to navigate power dynamics, leverage subtle linguistic cues, and redefine strength in business.

Unveil the science behind effective negotiation, and equip yourself with evidence-based strategies to influence stakeholders and foster organizational growth. 

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Frame 311

Internal Controls Demystified: Practical Insights, Strategies, & Definitions 📚⚙️

Internal controls often sound like a panacea for corporate compliance programs; you suffer a violation, and the business “adds more internal controls” to resolve the problem. The reality is more complex. 

Different types of internal controls help (or don’t help) your compliance program in different ways. This session will explore which internal controls get things done for your compliance program, and how to figure out which ones work best for you.

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Frame 251

Investigate With Integrity: Ethical & Efficient Workplace Inquiries 👀🔍

Elevate your investigation skills and ensure fairness and integrity in every inquiry. Bias can undermine even the most well-intentioned investigations. Our webinar equips you with the tools and knowledge to navigate cognitive biases, ensuring just and impartial inquiries every time. 

Learn how to build robust frameworks, implement best practices, and promote fairness and integrity throughout your investigation processes.

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Frame 250

Think Like a Compliance Executive: 3rd Party Risk Tolerance 🧠☔️

In this webinar, we'll explore practical strategies for effectively mitigating risks and delve into the concept of risk tolerance. We'll explore how compliance executive level professional should handle both. We'll explore how to operationalize real-world risk management and developing the risk confidence you need to accurately assess potential threats. 

Discover how to translate risk management strategies into actionable policies that resonate with both leadership and middle managers, ensuring seamless compliance without hindering your business operations. 

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Frame 249

Benchmarking Excellence: How Top Performers Leverage 2024 E&C and HR Metrics 🥇📊

Discover how organizations like yours are leveraging data to drive strategic decisions and optimize their programs. With a special focus on reporter types and awareness strategies, you'll learn how to create a culture of trust and transparency that encourages employees to speak up. 

With insights drawn from the latest benchmarking data, you'll learn how to optimize your issue management processes, from intake to investigation and beyond. 

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Frame 248

E&C & HR Career Recharge Summit: Reigniting Your Professional Passion 💥🔋

Equip yourself with the strategies and insights needed to reignite your career passion and make a lasting impact. We will guide you through a transformative 90-day career reboot plan, designed to to infuse mission and purpose into your work, overcome common pitfalls, and leverage your unique strengths to drive employee engagement and program effectiveness.

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Frame 171

Mastering Ethical Influence: Essential Soft Skills for E&C and HR 🧠🎨

TIn times of rapid change, compliance leaders need a new toolbox. We'll explore essential skills like communication strategies, relationship building, and business advisory mindsets to thrive in your role.

Our panel will outline the core competencies like adaptability, executive presence, and risk literacy to drive principled performance. This webinar equips compliance officers, ethics program managers and HR leaders to move beyond enforcement to true leadership.

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Frame 191

First Look: 2024 E&C and HR Benchmark Metrics Revealed 👀📊

What gets measured gets managed. That's why our industry needs to most up to date metrics so we can prove our growth and develop sustainable. data-driven strategies.

We’ll outline actionable steps you can take TODAY to accelerate investigations, boost reporting rates, and balance efficiency with empathy when intake allegations of misconduct. Whether you want to build trust through transparency, shorten the feedback loop, or simply meet key thresholds, this webinar provides the metrics and intelligence to make it happen.

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Frame 203

Ethics as a Growth Engine: Reframing Your Program's Strategic Value 🖼️♟️

The world of ethics and compliance is evolving at breakneck speed, and organizations that fail to keep pace risk falling behind. What if you could pull the future forward and position your E&C program as a trailblazer in this brave new world?

We'll introduce you to powerful new frameworks for presenting your program and its seven key elements in a way that showcases their transformative potential. 

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Frame 205

Risk Assessment Royalty: Critical Strategies To Defend Your Org 🤴🛡️

Risk assessments are a cornerstone of every effective compliance program — but these days, companies face a deluge of risk assessments for a wide range of risks. In this session we’ll explore how to develop a strong risk assessment methodology, so that your organization can identify risks efficiently and effectively, and then put your compliance program on the right course to address all those risks.

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Frame 74

Trending Now: Hottest Topics In E&C and HR 📰🔥

There’s a thousand headlines to keep up with in our industry. Here’s what ACTUALLY matters.

Dive into the pulse of the ever-changing world of corporate compliance, ethics, and HR with our invigorating, real-time quarterly review! Engage with us in a lively discussion on the latest proposals, enforcement actions, and headlines, uncovering how they resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities you face daily. 

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Frame 75

Busting Unconscious Bias: Decoding Prejudiced Psychology 🤝🧠

When we say judgements are unconscious, biased or otherwise, it means they are fast, we are not consciously aware of making them and we are not aware of how they influence our decisions, feelings or behavior.

But speed can come at a price. Relying on our instincts can result in letting an individual's unconscious biases to create inequity and damage the business. It's critical that we become well versed in disentangling these difficult concepts in a way that encourages everyone to grow. 

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Frame 76

Moving From Subtle Acts of Exclusion to Intentional Acts of Inclusion 🤝🫂

Overt discrimination may be declining, but subtle slights and exclusions still pervade workplaces, stifling engagement, innovation, and belonging. How can ethical and HR leaders spot these "microaggressions" and foster truly inclusive cultures?

Go beyond buzzwords to understand the real workplace impact of “microaggressions” - and more importantly - how to prevent them. We’ll dig into the faulty assumptions and judgmental thinking underlying subtle exclusion and provide techniques to shift to non-judgment and belonging.

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Frame 77-1

Amplifying Impact: Forging Influential Champions Networks 🔗🔨

Implementing real change solo is impossible; influencing real change through others is within your reach.

A well-structured champions network leverages connections to spread ideas that matter. Gain exclusive insights from case studies of effective champions networks. Uncover common barriers to driving change - and how to overcome them. Leave with a tailored blueprint for launching your own high-impact champions network.

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Frame 66

Equity, Inclusion, and The Bottom Line: Sustainable IEDB Strategy 🫂📈

Current inclusion, equity, diversity, and belonging (IEDB) strategies struggle to balance diverse workforces' complicated needs with actual impact. More than ever IEDB leaders must distinguish their organizations by designing and executing strategies to foster diverse and inclusive work environments. This session will provide actionable steps for organizations on how to design and communicate a IEDB strategy that is accessible and actionable for all employees.

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Frame 67-1

Nudging Out Retaliation: Behavioral Science & Authentic Speak Up✋👂

Our industry's biggest challenge is gathering more risk intelligence from our workplaces. But doing so requires us to overcome preconceptions about our function, fears over retaliation, and base human psychology. 

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Frame 68

Risk-proof Your Future: Master 3rd Party Risk Management 🛡️🚀

Third-party risk is a sword constantly hanging over the head of corporate compliance programs. Moreover, the nature of the risk has changed in recent years, so that compliance programs truly must manage third-party risk — not just perform due diligence and declare victory. This session will explore the challenges of third-party risk today and the tools and practices compliance programs can use to address it.

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Frame 73-1

Attention Please! Elevating E&C Learning in the Age of Distraction 🤳😴

Stop snoozing through compliance training! We're diving into innovative training techniques to craft compelling training content that captivates learners and creates a tangible impact on your workplace. 

Learn what makes training tick as we get into best practices, worst pitfalls, and how you can craft compelling content for your own unique culture.

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Frame 49

The Ethical Wellness Advantage: Fostering Healthy Engagement 👐🌱

Feel like your entire office could use a therapist? See how E&C and HR can fulfill a massive gap in your work culture's needs. 

Employee engagement, talent retention, burnout rates, and turnover rates all depend on the wellbeing of your work culture. If your department can become the steward of that culture, you'll be able to unlock improved communication, organization-wide support, and crowdsourced risk management at an unprecedented scale.

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Frame 50-1

Optimizing CCO Independence: Healthcare Regulations and Organizational Politics 🏥👩‍💼

U.S. healthcare regulators recently released new guidelines for effective corporate compliance programs that included a clear call for CCOs to be independent of legal, finance or other functions. In this webinar we’ll explore just how much independence makes sense for the compliance function, and how an independent CCO should work with other business functions.

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Frame 54

From Policing to Partnering: Building A Support Network for E&C and HR 👮‍♂️🤝

Still feel like a hall monitor in your organization? Your strategic value is so much greater than that... here's how you make sure everyone knows it.

Learn how compliance leader Elizabeth Simon forged internal partnerships to overhaul her department's reputation, spearheaded a critical risk assessment, and launched an innovative ambassador program that made employees proud partners in ethics.

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Frame 56-1

CCOs and CEOs: Forging An Effective C-Suite Bond🤝🔗

Recent OIG guidelines are clear: "The compliance officer should report directly to the CEO or the board". But how do you turn guidelines into real, productive relationships?

Get a comprehensive playbook from someone who's been on both sides of this paradigm. Build bridges with proven techniques to evolve compliance conversations from rules to strategic priorities aligned with business goals.

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Frame 30-1

Trending Now: Hottest Topics In E&C and HR 📰🔥

There’s a thousand headlines to keep up with in our industry. Here’s what ACTUALLY matters.

Dive into the pulse of the ever-changing world of corporate compliance, ethics, and HR with our invigorating, real-time quarterly review! Engage with us in a lively discussion on the latest proposals, enforcement actions, and headlines, uncovering how they resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities you face daily. 

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Frame 37

Automation and the Workforce: Navigating the AI Regulatory Landscape 🤖🧑‍💻

AI unleashed exciting potential, but regulators are ready to snap on the leash. This class preps you to collar AI with effective oversight.

The rise of generative AI has been the technology story of 2023, and that’s not likely to change in 2024. In this class we’ll review the emerging regulatory landscape for corporate use of AI, and how compliance teams need to prepare now for the regulatory compliance and risk management challenges barrelling down the path.

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Frame 42

Special Event: Your Year as a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer

Are you ready for your best year yet? Kristy Grant-Hart, author of "How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer", "How to Be a Wildly Strategic Compliance Officer", "The Compliance Entrepreneur’s Handbook", and "How To Have A Wildly Successful Career In Compliance" is giving us a sneak peak at her next book! 

Filled with 262 tips and hacks on how to increase your influence, be more motivating, and improving productivity for yourself and your team, "Your Year as a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer" is the ultimate guide to upgrading your career. Join us to discover how you can optimize your ethical impact and your work-life balance.

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Frame 47-1

Master the Numbers: Dominate Data Analytics 📊💡

Building a strong data analytics capability is crucial for compliance program success — but they don’t teach data science or analysis at compliance officer school. In this master class we’ll explore how a compliance officer can develop a data analytics effort and how to put analytics to use in your compliance program.

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Frame 23-1

Hacking Ethical Innovation: Cheat Codes To Level Up Your Program 👾🏋️

Why play it safe when you can play it epic? Unlock next-level awesomeness in your Ethics & Compliance program! 🎮 Here's your gateway to pioneering practices that will have your team and leadership rallying behind your ethics and compliance initiatives like never before. 🌈

Whether it's integrating marketing teams into compliance or combating "innovation hesitation," these gurus spill the tea on how to be daring without derailing. Expect an avalanche of actionable insights, from harnessing cross-functional brilliance to mastering the art of "low-stakes speak up" cultures.

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Frame 23-3

Activating Managers: Proxy Reporting and Why It Matters 🙋‍♂️☎️

Unmuzzle your managers! How do you loosen jaws and open lines of communication to activate crowdsourced risk management at massive scale?

Every manager is a potential member of your mission. With the right techniques, you'll be able to create a network of ethical champions to help catch, prevent, and react to risk. In this webinar, we'll talk about going beyond empowering people to ensure your program is approachable and encouraging of transparency.
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Frame 27

Permission to Pause: Mindfulness Tips for E&C and HR Professionals 🧠😮‍💨

Sick of the crushing pressure? Endless emails invading your life? Nonstop distractions melting your brain? This webinar prescribes powerful medicine: the permission to press pause.

There's a host of scientifically-proven, psychologically healthy techniques you can leverage to Love Your Work. Through bite-sized breathing breaks and micro-mindfulness moments, rediscover your center. Tap into limitless energy. And elevate your E&C and HR game by spreading a pause-positive culture company-wide. Give busy brains a break. Let's breathe, refocus, and dive back in - with clarity, calm and your A-game fully activated.

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Frame 29

Proactive Risk Management: Moving Past Anxiety to Take Action 😵‍💫🫵

Risk triggers anxiety. Uncertainty breeds fear. For ethics and compliance professionals tasked with navigating risky situations, panic can be paralyzing.

By attending, professionals will explore proven techniques to steady their mindset, align values with choices, and uncover opportunities within organizational threats. Participants will gain knowledge to move forward with purpose,promote buy-in through periods of transition, and uphold infrastructure for integrity no matter the internal or external pressures faced.

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Frame 14-2

Elevate Your Brand: Making E&C + HR 🔥🔥

Ever felt like 'ethics' and 'compliance' are party-stopping words? Time to turn the tables and make them the life of the party! Don't just exist in the background; take center stage with a rejuvenated brand that resonates positivity, support, and effectiveness. Turn your department into the welcoming resource that employees flock to, rather than shy away from. 

In this masterclass, we’ll redefine the boundaries of what ethics, compliance, and HR can be. Break free from the stifling stereotypes and negative stigmas that weigh down these powerhouse departments. Our innovative strategies, impactful techniques, and inspiring case examples will equip you to transform E&C and HR into engaging, dynamic forces within your organization.

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Frame 17

The Quantum Leap of Ethics: Preparing E&C and HR for Tomorrow's Tech 🛸🔭

Engage the warp drive! Step into the ethical time machine—next stop, the challenges and triumphs of tomorrow's tech! 🛸 This isn't just a webinar; it's a portal to the future!

Gain an intriguing look at the massive shifts coming your way, from groundbreaking technologies to ethical conundrums that stretch the very fabric of decision-making. We're talking the intersection of technology, philosophy, culture studies, and neuroscience, all with one aim: to equip you for the ethical challenges of an evolving world.

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Frame 41-1

Defeating Analysis Paralysis: The Art & Science of Risk Assessments 🎨🔬

They say taking risks can be fun, but assessing them? Now that's a party. We're not just ticking a box; we're diving deep into an integrative approach that marries data points with human conversations, creating a culture of ownership and accountability! 

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Frame 19

Profit By Prioritizing People: Making A Financial Case For Your Program 🤝💰

Elevate your program from the 'nice-to-have' to the 'can't-live-without!' Unlock the financial power of ethics, compliance, and HR— and make the C-suite your biggest fans! Discover the alchemy of converting ethical goals into leadership lingo, get the low-down on KPIs that resonate company-wide, and master the magic trick of using emotion and storytelling to drive action. 💖

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August Playground-07

Unlock Secret Chats: Unseen Risks of Messaging Apps 👀🔒

A new threat is plaguing our businesses. It’s one that is invisible, encryptable, and all too common amidst every workplace. And… it comes preloaded with irritating emojis and stickers! 

Off-label messaging apps create a new field of risk for every organization. One that can be used to hide potential misconduct and create frighteningly large networks of conspirators exposing your businesses to massive fines. This master class will review recent enforcement actions over messaging abuse, plus the compliance measures that a company should put in place to stay in regulators’ good graces. 

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August Playground-08

Insider Tips: How To Climb The Ladder 🪜💸

The ethics, compliance, and HR industries are growing at astronomical speeds, will you grow with them? This innovative sector has evolved beyond traditional norms, and represent a desperately necessary function within every modern workplace. Our seasoned experts, trailblazers in their own right, are ready to share valuable insights and actionable strategies, transforming your journey into an exhilarating ascent.

Get ready to dive deep into table-top wisdom, tailored for sustainable success in ethics and compliance. You’ll hear inspirational narratives, learn time-tested strategies, and gain a sharp understanding of how to maneuver the unique challenges of this pivotal field. Discover how to become an instrumental part of creating noble workplaces that prioritize people, foster an open culture, and inspire pride. Join us, and unlock the gateways to your thrilling ascent!

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August Playground-08-1

Trending Now: Hottest Topics In E&C and HR 📰🔥

There’s a thousand headlines to keep up with in our industry. Here’s what ACTUALLY matters.

Dive into the pulse of the ever-changing world of corporate compliance, ethics, and HR with our invigorating, real-time quarterly review! Engage with us in a lively discussion on the latest proposals, enforcement actions, and headlines, uncovering how they resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities you face daily. 

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August Playground-09

Behind the Scenes of Risk Assessments: The Beautiful, Brutal Truth 🎭⚠️

Risk assessments are an art, a science, and sometimes a thrilling roller coaster all at once. Buckle up and discover how to master each element of this convoluted necessity. Whether it's maximizing resources or understanding the legal maze that shapes the process, this is your backstage pass to the secrets only the seasoned experts know.

Join hands with industry luminaries as they explore broad-based contributions, stakeholder engagement, continuous program enhancements, and the significant role legal guidance plays. Equip yourself with the understanding and tools needed to not just participate but to lead the charge in the evolving world of risk assessments. Your journey from novice to mastermind starts here!

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JULY Playground-04

Cracking the Code: Simple or Complex? The Truth About Workplace Investigations 🔍🧩

Streamline your investigations and minimize risk by mastering the art of triage. Unlock the secrets to effective investigation prioritization. Learn how to establish a clear "taxonomy" of cases and warning signs, enabling you to swiftly categorize and address reported misconduct.

Dive into the human element of complaint evaluation and learn how to monitor investigations to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Elevate your compliance program to new heights by mastering the art of triage to ensure every case receives the attention it deserves (without wasting time).

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JULY Playground-04-1

Your Desk-Buddy is a Bot: Employee Perspectives on AI 🤖🧑‍💼

Hey, did you notice how quickly AI has become a part of our everyday work? It's as if we blinked and there they were, these smart bots, doing tasks we used to do ourselves. But with the fast and furious rise of AI, have we really stopped to think about what it means for us and our jobs?

While AI technologies streamline workflow and augment human capabilities, they also implicate potential drawbacks like job insecurity, privacy concerns, and decision-making biases. Navigating these complexities requires a delicate balance, strategic planning, and a culture that values transparent communication. By embracing AI consciously and ethically, we can champion a new era of human-centric technology in the workplace, unlocking untapped potential while safeguarding against unprecedented risks.

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JULY Playground-05

Ethical Coupon Cutters: Stretching Your E&C and HR Budget ✂️💰

Don’t faint from surprise at this news, but sometimes E&C and HR budgets can be rather thin. But scarcity should never be a barrier to ethical success. Learn how to maximize the ROI of every spend, ensuring that every action you take delivers significant value. Explore collaborative approaches with legal, HR, and other business functions, harnessing their expertise to revolutionize your impact.

In this master class, we will delve into the world of creative problem-solving, empowering you with innovative strategies to overcome E&C and HR challenges on a tight budget. Join our ethical experts as they dive into the world of creative problem-solving, empowering you with innovative strategies to overcome E&C and HR challenges on a tight budget.

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August Playground-03

Entertaining for Impact: How Comedy Transforms Employee Engagement 🤣🧑‍💼

Can you use comedy to improve your E&C or HR program? Are we joking? Join us to explore how using humor and engaging techniques can encourage psychological safety in your organization, making employees feel safe and supported to speak up about mistakes, ideas, questions, or concerns. 

We'll show you how to shift the cultural dynamics, improve accessibility and stickiness of learning, and make your ethics and compliance program more engaging and approachable, leading to increased airtime and exposure without message fatigue. Learn how to build trust and encourage communication through the means most familiar to our workplaces, and make a positive impact on behavior and organizational dynamics.

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May Playground-2

The Work-Life Renaissance: How AI & Ethics Can Transform The World

If history repeats itself, where in the cycle are we right now? Embark on a transformative journey as we explore the evolution of ethical businesses in the dawn of a new era. Join our captivating webinar as we delve into how the intersection of modern ethics, compliance, and HR programs with revolutionary new technology like Artificial Intelligence and highly automated processes can bring about a new era of work.

Can embracing a human-centric worldview shape the future of business? Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of designing better systems and creating a brighter future for all.

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May Playground-28

Data Analytics Basics: Excel 101

No matter how under-funded your E&C or HR program, there’s one essential tool that’s at your disposal… if you know how to use it. Excel! Whether you're an Ethics & Compliance professional or simply interested in leveraging data for informed decision-making, this course is designed to equip you with essential analytics abilities. 

Dive into the fundamental features and functions of Excel, and learn how to organize and manipulate data to draw insights and strategies. From sorting and filtering to creating charts and conducting basic data analysis, this webinar will provide you with the necessary skills to confidently navigate Excel and unlock valuable insights from your data. Join us and discover how to harness one of the most widely available data analytics tools to drive informed actions and enhance your professional capabilities.
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JULY Playground-02

Data Analytics Basics: Excel 201

Unleash the power of data without getting lost in numbers! Join Part 2 (previous attendance not necessary) and discover how Excel can be your secret weapon to amplify your impact in the world of ethics and compliance. Even the mathematically averse will learn how to navigate Excel with ease and leverage its capabilities to further your true passion for making a difference.

Learn how to effortlessly organize and manipulate data, allowing you to uncover meaningful insights that support your mission of helping others. From visualizing data through charts to utilizing data analysis tools like Pivot Tables, we'll equip you with the skills to transform raw data into actionable strategies. 

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JULY Playground-03

Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics: Building Your Own Benchmark 💪📈

How can you turn the work you’re already doing into data driven strategies to improve your workplace? You already have all you need, now is the time to dive in and find what you’re looking for. E&C and HR professionals have to sort through massive amounts of qualitative and quantitative data, but there are ways you can do so without spending every weekend at your desk. 

Join us as we discover how E&C and HR officers can utilize new strategies, technologies, and data analytics techniques to pull what they need, when they need it. Drill down into rising risk sectors and pull the right data you need to create a data driven report designed to get the right support and resources from key members of leadership.

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May Playground-21

Activating Ethical Management: How To Build Allies In The Right Places

A band without a microphone can only be heard by the front row. For your ethical initiatives, those critical amplifiers lie within middle management. Join us for this masterclass where we’ll show you how to establish effective communication channels with middle managers, incentivize them to take compliance seriously, and assess engagement with your compliance program. With the right strategies, you can leverage the support of middle management to drive positive change throughout your organization.

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May Playground-22-1

Honest Training: How To Create Content That Actually Engages

Lights, camera… engagement! Tired of watching employees doze off during training sessions? It's time to roll out the red carpet and create training experiences that steal the show. Join us in this blockbuster webinar where we'll reveal the insider tips and techniques to captivate your audience's attention like never before. Bid farewell to outdated methods and embrace the thrill of truly engaging training. With the right materials, you’ll be able to establish a firm foundation of ethical behavior throughout your organization, engage employees with authentic values and actions, and activate risk sensors within your organization.

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May Playground-24

A Comprehensive Guide To ESG: What It Means For Your Program

Is it up to E&C to take the lead on ESG? You may not get the choice. When your organization’s entire ESG program is dropped on your lap, how can you manage it for maximum effectiveness, not just for your ESG goals, but for your work culture and ethical initiatives?

Uncover the critical components of successful ESG programs, from data collection to policy management, and learn how to navigate the intricacies of materiality assessments. Enhance your communication skills as you discover effective ways to report and share your organization's ESG efforts with management and executives. Prepare to embrace your new role with confidence and lead your organization towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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May Playground-25

Top 10 Takeaways From The 2023 Hotline & Investigation Management Benchmark

All the data you need to Make The World A Better Workplace is at your fingertips. We’re opening up our 2023 Hotline & Investigation Management Benchmark Report to create the ultimate guide to workplace harmony. Join us as we dive deep into the report's essential statistics and explore how they can be utilized to drive employee engagement, minimize risk, foster trust, decrease turnover, and much more.

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Playground Apr-18

How To Master Disciplinary Action Without Damaging Culture

Crime and punishment. Sounds simple enough, but when you get a glimpse of the wide variety of potential misconduct that can strike your organization, it can quickly escalate beyond what’s written in your policies. Together, we explore how you can: develop disciplinary policies that guide effective action against every unique circumstance, coordinate your disciplinary actions with leadership, and ensure that your disciplinary actions serve your culture and organization. 

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Playground Apr-21

The Edge Of Tomorrow: How E&C Will Elevate In The Next Decade

As we enter an era of unprecedented technological advances, the old-fashioned compliance and ethics problems continue to plague us. A robust ethics and compliance program and a healthy company culture provides companies with a true and sustainable competitive advantage that trumps technology and the ebbs and flows of the stop market. 

How can you make a difference in the noise of the corporate world? There are concrete ways that you can demonstrate to leadership how ethics and compliance provides a strong return on investment. Even when a direct connection can't be demonstrated, your actions as an E&C professional have a significant and positive effect that cannot be underestimated. Welcome to the edge of tomorrow and the incredible opportunity to expand your impact and make the world a better place!

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Breaking News: The Latest DOJ Expectations

What does the DOJ want now? The world of E&C is constantly changing, so strap in for the latest update from the guys on the other side of the fines. Our expert panelists explore the latest DOJ update, practical tips & strategies to integrate the newest expectations, and how you can know what to expect next.

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May Playground-11-1

How The Human Factor Will Change The Future Of Business

Members of our community often focus on rules and regulations, but the success of any program ultimately depends on the individuals who make it up. Motivating and engaging any person relies on a combination of philosophy, psychology, and empathy, all of which fall under Wade Chumney’s area of expertise.

Author of “Conscious Business Ethics: The Practical Guide to Wisdom” and Associate Professor of Business Ethics & Law at California State University, Northridge, Wade Chumney has studied and explored the nuances of ancient philosophy, modern science, and the history of business to better understand how we can actualize the human element within each of our workers to create a more productive communal workplace.

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Playground Apr-07-2

Authentic Workplace Ethics: Driving True Human Engagement

The desire to engage, create and contribute is innate in human beings, and blossoms naturally from within all of us. Outstanding engagement, at all levels, is a natural, effortless byproduct of being more of who we already truly are. As we come to understand universal principles that govern all human interaction, engagement goes through the roof, and people naturally become more focused on the health of the organization as a whole, including exhibiting more ethical behavior.

In this webinar, we explore the very notion of authenticity and how to tap into the innate nature of "Being human" -- in yourself and others -- to create more ethical, happy and productive environments. All with little to no effort. 

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Playground Apr-08-1

How Ethics & Compliance Can Broaden Impact At Scale

The best data on your organization’s risks, culture, and reputation can only come from within your workforce. However, developing effective communication throughout your organization can feel like an uphill battle against apathy, outdated preconceptions, and employee disengagement. Learn how you can get the boulder of your program over the hump and develop positive feedback loops to support your program’s influence and outreach. 

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Playground Apr-11-4

2023 Hotline & Investigation Management Benchmark Findings

How long does it take to close the average report? What impact have web reporting methods had on E&C and HR programs over the last year? What types of reports are becoming more prevalent and which are fading into the background? These questions are essential in planning for the future of your program, and the answers are available. Get all the most up-to-date stats in our 2023 Ethics & Compliance Benchmark Report, and join us as we discuss the most shocking metrics and how to act on them. 

In this 90-minute special, we're exploring top-industry metrics from organizations worldwide to identify opportunities for growth and leverage various strategies from program's facing the same challenges that you are.

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Playground Apr-16-1

Vibe Check: Do You Practice What You Preach Or Just Preach

Are you walking the talk? Explore how ethics, compliance, and HR professionals can make sure that their stated values become reality for the members of their organization. From how we talk about the challenges our programs face, to fluctuating trends in the personality types we hire, our experts covered everything it takes to bridge the gap between speech and action. 

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2023 E&C and HR Forecast: Priorities and Best Practices for Success

Q1 is already coming to an end; how has your program faced the challenges of 2023? Our webinar offers E&C and HR professionals the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the key priorities and challenges they will face in the year ahead. From emerging risks to regulatory changes, our expert panel will provide insights into how to stay ahead of the curve, manage risk, and build a strong culture of ethics and integrity. Attendees will gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex workplace environment.

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Starting Over: Rebooting Your E&C Program for Maximum Effectiveness

This webinar offers a comprehensive guide to reworking or establishing the foundation of a powerful E&C program. Participants will learn how to assess their current program, identify gaps, and develop a strategy for program improvement. The session will cover a range of topics, including stakeholder engagement, risk management, policy development, and training and communication. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to effectively implement the foundational essentials of an E&C program and how to measure and increase success over time. 

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Corporate Compliance In A Complex & Divisive Political World

Where do you stand on today’s hot-button political issues? Better question, where does your organization stand on today’s political issues? That question, and the answers to it, are the basis for the complex practice of political law compliance. Today, more than ever, it’s a necessity for organizations to fully understand their roles and responsibilities as public entities that interact with government regulations, policies, and more. Explore the basics of political law compliance with experienced experts as they discuss its fundamental essentials and how to navigate your organiza

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Leveraging ChatGPT For Ethics & Compliance: Risks, Benefits, & Questions

The birth of ChatGPT has finally brought AI into the hands of every employee in the workplace. While that means a powerful new tool is now freely accessible, it has also opened the door for unregulated use-cases, unprecedented risks, and potential dangers no other workplace in history has had to confront. In this exciting new era of technology, we’re exploring the role that ethics, compliance, and HR has in utilizing, safeguarding, and codifying this powerful new tool. 

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Solving Compliance Pain Points: Practical Applications of Survey Data

This webinar will explore the latest data and insights from compliance professionals on the challenges facing organizations in 2023. The presenters will draw on our recent Compliance Leadership Redefined Survey and will discuss the key findings in relation to the most pressing issues that compliance officers are addressing in the coming year. 

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Building Rapport with the CEO & Board

The time to step up has finally come for E&C leaders. As the DOJ and other regulators push for more empowered E&C programs, it’s time to really stop and consider what that bright future will look like. Join us as we discuss the changing roles and responsibilities of CCOs and E&C professionals, how to best transition into these roles, how to build lasting structures of communication with members of leadership, and resolving the challenges that will come along the way. 

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How To Train Your Investigator: Best Practices To Optimize E&C and HR Investigations

Faster case closures are essential in bringing out the best in a workplace. When cases drag on, they can impede the work of an entire organization, bring about unnecessary burnout, and make every member of the workforce feel unheard and undervalued. The right investigator can ensure that the workplace is fully supported and cases of misconduct are swiftly dealt with.

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Achieving Data Agility: Utilizing Data Analytics To Optimize E&C and HR

The best insights on how you can improve your organization can only come from your organization. That’s why it is essential for every modern E&C or HR program to equip themselves with powerful data analytics tools. By doing so ethical leaders will be able to pinpoint the specific risks and challenges that their businesses are facing. Join our experts as they discuss how to best access this powerful resource, and how to utilize the insights that come from effective data analytics.  

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Certifiable: A New Era for CCOs and Compliance Programs

The Justice Department now wants chief compliance officers (and CEOs) to certify the effectiveness of their compliance programs as part of enforcement settlements. This master class will take a close look at that controversial idea — and all the opportunities and perils it brings for compliance officers.

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Managing with Savvy Business Ethics

Business values are more than just sentiment - they’re a strategic lever that gives a company edge in the market, characterizing the way it deals with customers, contractors, and employees alike. So if you’re an ethics officer, compliance coordinator, or HR practitioner looking to sharpen up your company’s ethical values, then don’t miss this webinar.  Watch to ensure your business values hit peak performance!

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How To Design Programs That Engage Introverts And Extroverts

Are you talking to everyone? Or just the people who like talking? As an E&C or HR function you may be biased towards the loudest voices in the room. But it’s those who aren’t speaking up that might have the most to say. Learn how to appeal to every personality, and build a framework to open communications for every member of your team.

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Redefining E&C: The Data Behind 2023’s Most Difficult Challenges

The results are in! Our Compliance Leadership Redefined Survey gathered crucial data with responses from those on the front lines of E&C, your peers, and now we have the key insights you need to strategize for any challenge 2023 might throw at you.

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E&C and HR Professionals and Mental Health: Staying Sane on the Job

Managing risk doesn't stop at the organizational level. Poor mental health represents one of the most underestimated risks to your organization. Higher employee engagement starts by understanding how one's mental state impacts their work. And you can't understand anyone else's until you understand your own.

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Human Stories To Drive Human Behaviors In Ethics And Compliance

Powerful stories create lasting lessons. Utilizing storytelling techniques in your program is the key to making meaningful change, not just your business goals, but in the daily lives of your team. Humanize your initiatives to raise heads and connect to the emotional core that controls every individuals' actions. Discover the influence you can wield in your organization. Make The World a Better workplace by telling stories that matter.

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Actionable AI Ethics: A Framework to Mitigate Risk at Scale

Artificial intelligence has the potential to automate thousands of decisions at unprecedented speeds, but when it comes to ethical business, we're reluctant to let a machine take the wheel. There is a way to take advantage of this incredible technology without sacrificing our principles. Join us to learn how you can build machines with morals.

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Mitigating Risk With Negotiation: How E&C And HR Professionals Can Talk Their Way To A Healthier Workplace

To make the world a better workplace, you need the support of your entire organization. Negotiate your way to the future of work and leverage the positive externalities of your program to garner authentic support.

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Marketing E&C: Addressing Our Branding Problem

Our mission, at its core, is filled with passion, opportunity, and an emotional appeal that should connect with anyone who has worked in a less than ideal work culture. If you can tap into that appeal, you’ll connect with your team and build a network of sensors to crowdsource risk management at scale. Join us for a masterclass on rebranding (or branding) your program, and gain attention and engagement across the business.

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1bb 11-23

Increasing Accountability: Culture, Clawbacks, and Compliance

The implications of the DOJ's announcement are still rippling through our industry, so let's clear the air. In this Ethicsverse episode our experts will discuss what the DOJ’s announcements will mean for corporate compliance, how clawback policies can be best utilized, and what new responsibilities will land in the laps of compliance officers.

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Persuasion 101: Influence And Thinking Fast & Slow In An E&C And HR Context

Employee relations isn't a numbers game. It's an emotional battle. Understanding the cognitive biases behind every behavior and misbehavior will give you a vital advantage.

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Elevating Our Industry: 5 Principles To Guide, Grow, And Improve Your Program

Taking your program from good to great isn't easy. The needs of the modern workplace are constantly evolving, so it's essential to utilize every tool at your disposal to evolve with it.

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Innovating E&C: Real World Applications of Behavioral Science

Everything an E&C officer needs to know about acquisitions, from due diligence to cultural integration to final execution.

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Closing the Deal: Managing Compliant Acquisitions

Be the shield between your organization's wallet and a bad deal.

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Extreme Makeover: E&C Edition - ROI Pitch Fixer-Upper

It's not your program that's boring, it's your presentation. We know that E&C has massive ROI potential, now it's time to make sure they know that.

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Building a Culture of Integrity and Speaking Up:
The Strategic Benefits of Encouraging Psychological Safety

Understand the needs of your team and you'll understand the needs of your business. Create a culture that allows your team to bring their A-game to work.

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Mitigate Risk with Behavioral Science

Understanding behavioral science will give you a new perspective on risk and risk management, one that allows you to build programs designed to face the challenges of the human psyche.

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Assessing Company Culture

How you can optimize your cultural foundations and how to build toward an even healthier organization.

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1bb 11-22

The Russian Invasion

5 key areas in which businesses will never be the same.

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Conducting Workplace Investigations: Leveraging Empathy

Discover new methods and techniques to maintain mindfulness and compassion amongst complicated conflicts.

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Performing Risk Assessments

Create a process that identifies all the risks, vulnerabilities, and existing issues within your organization, so you can be proactive, not reactive. 

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Calculating, Understanding, Demonstrating, & Leveraging ROI

Discover how to calculate, understand, demonstrate, and leverage the ROI of your program and gain more power and budget from the board and executives.

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Reporting Compliance to Senior Management

Learn how to inform management on the key issues at hand, the successes you’ve seen, and the road ahead.

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E&C Hotline Benchmark Report Deep Dive (2-parts)

Analyze every stat and its significance to your program’s status and uncover insights based on data from the last few years to determine where the compliance industry is headed

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FinCEN Money Laundering Whistleblower Program

FinCEN has already begun expanding its forces with its new “Office of the Whistleblower”, but what else are they doing to ensure whistleblowers feel safe to speak up?

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Managing Conflicts of Interest

How to manage “COI” at scale, when you might have thousands of conflicts to track, investigate, resolve, and document.

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2022 Healthcare Benchmark Report Deep Dive

Get a deeper understanding of compliance statistics across the healthcare industry. We’re digging into the report to pull every action item, insight, and integral statistic so you can build a better program. See where the future of healthcare compliance lies, and future-proof your organization.

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